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Why you might need Priceless Amp Restoration




Reliability and the Healthy Tube Amp


High voltage tube amps in poor electrical condition are firetraps waiting to burn up. Believe me, I know. I've had amps go up in smoke while powered up on my bench. Before any mods or enhancements are performed, the tube amp should be brought up to a safe "electrical condition".

The minimum requirement for electrical restoration itemized below, will produce a safe and quiet tube amp regaining that great tube tone.

Don't let this happen to your amp!
(rendering by Kyle Price)


Restoration Services Overview

I offer a complete evaluation of your amp which includes: removing the chassis, visual inspection, testing all transformers, testing all tubes on a Hickok mutual conductance tube tester, check bias and perform a DC, AC and power analysis. You will then be given or emailed a document of data taken on your amp with my suggestions and estimates for needed repair and/or maintenance. Estimate for needed restorations are free if you decide to let me do the work.

Restoration Labor Rates:
Flat labor rate for electrical work = $45hr
Flat labor rate for cosmetic work = $30/hr

All labor guaranteed. You don't like it, bring/send it back! New tubes guaranteed for 6 months. Output tubes guaranteed to be idle current matched by 5% and all preamp tubes guaranteed to be non-microphonic.

My amp restoration philosophy is simple: do it right, use the highest quality parts available, bench test the amp, listen to the amp and then listen again. The ears don't lie! I take a great deal of pride in restoring Fender amps back to their original condition, right down to using yellow and green cloth covered wire, exact fit tube sockets and the best new production transformers available. I completely extract old solder filled eyelets, scrape the eyelet or joint clean, trim new component leads and apply good 60/40 solder. So if you're searching for some class restoration work for your priceless amp, drop me an e-mail.