1968 Super Reverb Restoration

Another bastard? ...Yup, but she's my pride and joy. Everyone has to have at least one Super Reverb. This one was saved from a shop in Texas where it lived most its life in Texan clubs. Tolex was rock hard and completely loose on both sides about half way up. Kind of just like flapping in the wind. Cabinet is actually a '64. Chassis is a '68. Cab was loaded with four matching Jensen C10Q's, which was the best asset this amp had short of the original transformers. A complete electrical restoration was performed. Cabinet was a chore to restore. It had a fair amount of dry rot. It took lots of sanding, doweling and re-drilling, and wood putty to get it back right. Back panels were missing and tilt back legs were extremely rusty and pitted. Faceplate was a total wreck. Huge gouges were on both ends of the faceplate like someone used a screwdriver to try and pry the chassis out from the front. New back panels, tolex, aged grill cloth, re-issue tilt back legs, new braided reverb cables and a now impossible to find boot leg blackface Super Reverb faceplate were installed. Tone to the bone for sure!