Shipping And Payment

I accept PayPal and money orders for part sales and restoration services. For shipping, as you have probably read elsewhere, I really only need the chassis. I have about all speaker combinations on hand that I use to test the completed chassis work. Most times, I have the same Fender combo as your chassis uses. I then use your chassis to drive my cabinet/combo. So unless you need cabinet work or speaker replacement, just ship the chassis. This will save shipping expense too.

For shipping parts, I usually use US Priority mail with Internet confirmation. That runs $6.50 for two pounds or less and includes shipping material. For amps and amp chassis, I've had good success with UPS thus far. A chassis will cost about $30 to $45 to ship. A complete Super Reverb amp can cost up to $80. Boxes can be obtained through local music stores. Just call one. You'll find that music shops that sell amps will keep a few boxes around for spares but most of the time they will be glad to unload a box or two because then they don't have to deal with disposing of the box. For shipping a chassis, about any box can be used if the chassis is wrapped separately. The post office and most mail box offices sell a box large enough to ship a chassis for about $3.50. Total packing cost of new material to ship a chassis should be about $10. Note too that the US Post Office sells money orders for $0.75.

Here's are few shipping related links. Both UPS and Priority mail have links in their webpages that allow you to track the package. Nice service!

US Mail Link
UPS Link

Steps To Remove a Fender Chassis

After the amp was placed in a floating bed of popcorn packing material, news paper was used to fill the remaining space. In this case, old parts including tubes and power tranny, were packed in separate boxes and used as space filler. A complete service receipt was included too.