Some Favorite Links


Tube Related Links
Svetlana Tubes
New Sensor (Sovtek Tubes)
J.J. Electronics (Tesla Tubes)
Audio Amateur Corporation

Tube Data Sheets

Apex Tube Matching

Tung-Sol Tubes

Svetlana "Winged C"

Euro Tubes


Test Equipment Related Links
Naptech New/Used Equipment
Museum of Tektronix Scopes
ProTek Scopes and More
Tube Testers and Manuals
Amp Parts Related Links
MojoTone Musical Supply
Antique Electronic Supply
Newark Electronics
Angela Instruments
The Parts Connection
Mouser Electronics
Magic Parts
CE Distribution

Vintage Guitar and Tube Amp Links
Vacuum Tube Valley
Vintage Guitar
20th Century Guitar
Fender Amp Field Guide
Fender Discussion Forum
Amp Schematics

Duncan's Amp Page (great tube amp builder's resource)
Tube Amp FAQ & Debugging

Amp Cabinet Links
Vintage-Amp Restoration
Roger's Amplifiers (closed, for reference)
Mather Cabinet
Portland Oregon Links
Water Front Blues Festival
Rock Hard Road Cases

Speaker Links
Weber VST
Triad Speakers
Jensen Speakers

D130F History

My Favorite Tube Amp Techs (competition)
Machine Gun Amps (closed, for reference)
Uncle Spot
Skip Simmon's Amps

Allen Amplification

Vintage Fender Amp Repair