Restoration Examples

Here's a list, in pdf format, of restoration examples for several Blackface Fender amps. Examples assume that the customer only ships me the chassis and that the amp needs the "typical" restoration to ensure safety and restore the vibrant tone of Fender Blackface amps. Most of the below examples are also applicable to pre 1976 Silverface amps too.

The tubes that I chose to use in the below examples are what I consider to be a good trade-off of cost verses tone and stability. Of course any tube that I carry can be substituted and I can also order any tube(s) the customer desires. The non-electrolytic caps in the below examples are the AC coupling caps that I have found "should" be replaced to bring that sparkle back to Fender amps. Again, these are just examples to give you an idea of the cost involved in restoration. What's hard to show in the below examples is the special TLC I give every amp I work on.

Princeton Reverb

Deluxe Reverb

Vibrolux Reverb

Pro or Super Reverb




Twin Reverb 

Showman or Dual Showman