(a.k.a. Vibrolux Reverb Clone)

One of the last Fender amp models to be re-discovered is the Vibrolux Reverb amp. The blackface Vibrolux Reverb amp was produced from '64 to '67. Before recently being re-discovered, you could buy a blackface Vibrolux Reverb for under $900. Now these 2-10" 35watts beauties are hard to find under $2000. I used a '68 Bandmaster Reverb chassis as these chassis are similar to the Vibrolux Reverb. Trying to emulate the lower power and tonal characteristics of a Vibrolux Reverb, I used a 5U4GB rectifier tube and changed the power resistors to 10K. Power at clip is running 38W, B+ = 445v, Bias = 35ma, using NOS GE preamp tubes and NOS Sylvania 6L6GB's power tubes.

Initially I mounted two Jensen re-issue C10Q's, which were the stock speaker used in the original blackface Vibrolux Reverb production runs, but as with all original Vibrolux Reverb amps, once the volume was tuned up above 4, the Jensen C10Q's started to fart out. So although the tone of the clone with the Jensen re-issue C10Q's was very close to an original Vibrolux Reverb, I opted for a pair of Weber VST P10N's. One could argue that this clone is the way a Vibrolux Reverb should have been designed. Amp now stays big and fat up to a volume of 5, then starts to break up in a sweet, but tight bluesy bottom end.

For a faceplate, the Vibroclone faceplate seemed appropriate.


New Sprague supply caps, some Orange Drops and some old blue tubes for the Vibrato channel tone stack.


Weber VST P10N's and a custom tube chart.


A pair of black beauties!