My Current Work Load

Since my work load has been picking up, I decided to post my current work load so customers can keep track of my progress and new customers have a better idea of my currently scheduled work load and what slots I have open. In general I can schedule 2 amp restorations or 1 new build per month.

October 2003 (Now Full)
Mark A. (confirmed) BF Bandmaster
Paul J. (confirmed) '81 Vibrolux Reverb

November 2003 (Now Full)
Steve P. (confirmed) '50s Gibsonett
Craig H. (confirmed) BF Bandmaster

December 2003 (Now Full)
Mike D. (confirmed) '71 Twin Reverb (give Mike a call)
Xmas break, no amp work!

January 2004 (Now Full)
Lamar M. (confirmed) '72 Princeton Reverb
Mike E. (confirmed) Reverb Unit and '65 Vibro-Champ

February 2004 (Now Full)
Mike E. (confirmed) Gibson GA-19RVT
Lamar M. (confirmed) '68 Bassman tune up

March 2004 (Now Full)
Dave W. (confirmed) 6G7A Bandmaster. Will need a month for this amp.

April 2004 (Now Full)
D. Winter (confirmed) Vibroclone. Will need a month for this project.

May 2004 (Now Full)
John D. (confirmed) BMR chassis restore and convert to Vibroclone.

June 2004
Closed for business

July 2004
Closed for business

August 2004
Closed for business

January 2014
Open for business