Customer Progress Page

Customer service and communication is a very important aspect of vintage tube amp restoration. When someone sends their pride and joy across the states or across an ocean to be serviced be someone they have never met, it's very reassuring to the customer that their amp is in goods hands if an open line of communication exist between the service tech and the customer. I currently use email and Excel spreadsheets to communicate the exact cost, parts used and labor required. If the customer can't read Excel format, I'll convert the spreadsheet to a PDF file which can be read by Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free shareware software. Now with the use of a digital camera, I can take pictures of before and after service, incremental progress made and issues needing attention to even better communicate by sending pictures through email or posting pictures to my website and then point the customer to my webpage.

Unfortunately, I have a finite web space limit to post pictures of service progress, therefore I tend to post pictures of the more collectable amps and custom projects. So, the below list by no means represents the total number of amps I've worked on, just some of the more interesting ones since I started this customer progress service page concept back in mid 2001.

Note: The pics in the following links have been reduced to 320 x 240 pixels to better fit
          15 and 17 inch monitors. The pics are actually 640 x 480, so for better resolution
          viewing, you can manually download each pic to your hard drive.